About us

Treebellion is a open health community formed by alternative medicine supporters, independent scientists and researchers.

In Treebellion we firmly believe in the natural medicine as an effective complement for preventing and treating certain symptoms or diseases. For this reason we have created an international initiative to identify and classify the truly effective remedies.

Health accessible to everyone

Unfortunately health is just a business, where Big Pharmas only conduct research on profitable drugs, leaving aside effective remedies that cannot be commercialized because they can be easily obtained.

In Treebellion we are trying to fill that gap using a powerful database whose purpose is collecting all known remedies from all countries and cultures. Using our own ecosystem in which users can create their own publications, review publications from other contributors and evaluate the effectiveness of the remedies.

We don't believe in magic

We are aware of the controversy surrounding the natural medicine, usually associated to many frauds and quackery. That is why in Treebellion we do not simply publish effective remedies, we also try to alert about potential frauds pursuing the suspicious remedies and the ones with a dubious effectiveness.

Treebellion stands outside religion, superstition or supernatural beliefs. Contributions or comments covering these topics will be considered irrelevant and probably removed.

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